Academy Program for Boys and Girls (6 to 9-year-olds)

Our Academy program is for players who are looking for a more competitive experience than our intramural/in-house program offers, and who might in future seasons want to consider participating in our Travel program.

The Academy program provides two weeknight practices in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Separate boys and girls groups are offered. While we always emphasize fun, we do expect players to take the sessions seriously. The Academy program also includes scrimmages against teams from other clubs and tournament participation.

Through the use of professional trainers, small sided competition, and an environment where players are free to be creative, the Academy Program strives to develop individual and team skills that can make the transition to competitive soccer easier. Academy players participate as a separate group within the Intramural Program. Academy Registration will be limited to players with previous soccer training.

Consistent with Fairmount Soccer’s commitment to creating an environment where players can best develop their soccer potential, the Academy Program:

  • Maximizes the opportunity for individual touches to teach ball control,
  • Provides an environment where new skills can be tried and experimentation can occur without fear of failure,
  • Uses of 1 v 1 situations where players can develop both attacking and defending skills.
  • Provides a creative, challenging, and fun atmosphere that fosters a love of the game and supports the development of positive values that will benefit participants in whatever they do.

There is less emphasis on tactical instruction from coaches and parents, no pressure to win, and minimal focus on designated positions that inhibit the development of an all-around player.

Fairmount Soccer is a volunteer run , non-profit organization that strives to provide high quality instruction and guidance essential for player development, safety, and enjoyment, at as low a cost as possible. Recognizing that the registration fees may be prohibitive for some families, Fairmount Soccer offers scholarships in an effort to insure that no child will be excluded due to economic hardship. For more information about partial and full scholarships, please email: