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For 2017-2018 Travel Coaching Assignments for Fairmount Soccer and United Philly Soccer please click here.

Fairmount Soccer is proud to announce a partnership with Germantown Soccer and the Anderson Monarchs to form United Philly Soccer. United Philly Soccer is designed to provide a travel soccer pathway for all boys and girls from the age groups of U13-U19. Fairmount Soccer will continue to provide all of our other soccer programs including our toddler, youth intramural, intramural academy, intramural leagues at the junior, intermediate and senior levels, as well as boys and girls travel teams for the U10-U12 age groups.  Each of the clubs in United Philly Soccer (and any others that may join our shared purpose) will maintain their own operations as they see fit for intramural soccer as well as travel soccer through the U12 age levels. 

We believe that the relationship with United Philly Soccer will bring two main benefits to the Fairmount Soccer community. First, this will enhance our existing older travel teams so that they can continue to provide opportunity to play through the entire high school ages. Combining operations for the older age groups will provide a pathway for all levels of players through the high school ages and allow our most enthusiastic players to stay on a team in the city. As many of our families are aware, we often struggle to fully populate teams at some of our age groups, and we believe that combining forces with other like-minded community based clubs will enhance the travel soccer experience for all of our families. Second, while the growth of our travel program the last few years has been a welcome and exciting development for Fairmount Soccer, the United Philly Soccer project will allow our own board and governing energies to refocus on our younger and non-travel operations.

For the upcoming Fall 2017-Spring 2018 soccer season, the clubs will officially combine forces for the 2005 birth year age group teams that will play at U13. We do expect to be able to support at least two teams for the boys and at least one team for the girls –  but we will support as many teams at all age groups as is possible based upon the interest shown at tryouts. The first tryout for the 2005 boys team will be Thursday March 23 from 615-745 pm at the Kroc Center. We will release a full tryout schedule including two more dates for the 2005 boys teams, and two dates for the 2005 girls team shortly.

Additionally, all of our current Fairmount Soccer travel teams in the 2000 through 2004 birth year age groups will have the opportunity to form teams under the newly designated club. Tryout schedules for all of our teams are available here.  Administratively, all the above teams will play the 2017-2018 season under the legal framework of Fairmount Soccer while the three clubs pursue a formal legal arrangement that we expect to take over the operations of the older travel operations in time for the formation of teams for the 2018-2019 season.

United Philly Soccer Mission Statement:

United Philly Soccer is a youth travel soccer club for boys and girls in the U13 to U19 age groups. Primarily based inside Philadelphia’s city limits, the organization is a collaborative effort between the Germantown Soccer Club, The Anderson Monarchs, Fairmount Soccer Association, and their respective affiliates. United Philly Soccer endeavors to create a pathway for all local players, which begins at the U12 and under age groups with our member clubs, and then continues at U13 and older under the United Philly Soccer designation. Our new club will support and encourage the formation of multiple teams in each age groups; so that our players have opportunities to participate at elite, highly competitive, and less competitive levels. Our stated goal is to provide the travel soccer experience for as many players as possible who have the passion and commitment for our great sport and who represent the tremendous racial, ethnic, and social diversity of our various neighborhoods


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