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Welcome (or welcome back) to another exciting year of soccer! This page is for players who have been invited to join travel soccer teams by the coaches for both Fairmount Soccer and United Philly Soccer travel teams. Please do not register until instructed to register by your coach or team manager.

We have a new registration database, so things will go a bit differently than past years but we are quite certain it will be an improvement in the long run.

For those families that require scholarship aid, please email for instructions regarding scholarship registration BEFORE registering for soccer. You will be given further instructions.

Here are the instructions for registration:

Registration can be accessed at:


Click on the “register now” button. Please register only players at this time.

A few helpful hints:

You will be required to set up a Stack Sports Account to begin registration – one account per family. Some of you may have Stack accounts through previous organizations, which you can continue to use.

After filling out the parent(s) information, you will also fill out child’s information, then through a series of consent pages. One of the pages is a place to upload documents. The “documents” page which asks for proof of age and pictures for pass cards is NOT required for returning travel players, even if from another club – you can just skip it. The information is needed for all new travel players, but not at this time. New players can either skip this page or upload documents if handy. (The documents will eventually be needed for all new players).

Before you get to billing, you can add additional players to register.


The entire payment is due at time of registration, but we have set up automatic payment plans to spread the payments into 8 payments. For payment plans, you must pay a $250 deposit per family, then the remaining balance will be automatically billed to your account monthly for 7 months starting July 20, 2018.

Note: To set up payment plans you must initially choose credit card payments, but the form will allow you to switch back to pay by mail in check as you proceed if you would like to make the initial payment by check. Once you have finalized payments by debit/credit card or check, you should see an option to print finalized registration. Please keep a copy for your records.