2018-2019 Travel Tryout Information Coming Soon for both Fairmount and United Philly Soccer Teams – tryouts will likely be the second and third week of April 2018.


For current travel team members – please see your coach or team manager before proceeding to registration.

Philosophy: Travel soccer is designed for players 9 years old (U10) or older who possess the interest and ability to compete at a higher level of soccer than that which is available through the intramural program. The objective of Fairmount Soccer’s travel program is to focus on the development of player attitude, skills, and work habits, while instilling a passion for the game and having fun. Travel soccer challenges players to realize their potential through more intensive training, higher levels of competition, and more frequent games. Players are expected to attend scheduled practices and games, support the Club and their teammates, and to win or lose as a team.  Players at the U8 and U9 level are encouraged to join our Intramural Academy program. To determine a player’s “soccer age” for spring 2016 tryouts, please consult this page which describes the changes of the age brackets.


Fairmount Soccer bases much of its Travel program on the guidance provided by the United States Youth Soccer Association (, which emphasizes the importance of player development, commitment, and teamwork as means to develop skilled players, competitive teams, and responsible individuals.

By stressing the importance of sportsmanship and individual player responsibility within a team framework, players learn how to respond to competitive situations, and to enjoy the game, regardless of the outcome. The Travel program is for and about the players; parents and other fans are expected to set good examples through positive reinforcement of players, coaches, and referees.

The philosophy of the program ensures that every child who, through attendance and effort, demonstrates a commitment to the team, will have playing time in every game. The amount of playing time, however, will vary depending upon the child’s commitment, progress, and the game situation.

Commitment: Interested players attend tryouts in April/May for the following Fall season. Everyone who tries out will be advised whether he/she was selected for a team. In a typical season, there is one team per age group from U10 to U15 or u16, though additional or fewer teams may be formed depending upon the level of interest. If a player is accepted to a team the commitment is for one year. The primary playing season is the Fall, when players are expected to make soccer their primary extracurricular activity. Team participation in Winter and/or Spring is not required, but is encouraged. It is expected, however, that in addition to the Fall season, each team and all players will participate at some level in at least one additional season, Winter or Spring. Typically teams practice once a week in the winter and spring. the club also provides indoor training in late fall for travel teams.

Fall: Typically, after teams are formed following May tryouts, practices will start in August. The August practice schedule will vary by team, and depends largely upon coach and player availability. We encourage teams play a preseason tournament in either late August or Labor Day weekend. Beginning in September and lasting through the fall, teams usually have two training sessions and one game per week. Most teams play in the PAGS or DELCO or EDP leagues during the fall season, against teams from eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Most teams play in a Columbus Weekend tournament, and some play in a post-season tournament as well.

Winter: Subject to space availability, Fairmount Soccer seeks to provide all Travel teams with an opportunity to train at least one night each week during the winter. In addition, commencing in early December, if space is available, teams and players who will be participating in winter leagues, are provided training opportunities one or two nights for up to three weeks before the start of the season in January. Winter Travel participation is determined by the Coach and Team Manager, in consultation with parents/guardians. Fairmount Soccer encourages teams to consider playing in a futsal league during the winter. Futsal is a 4v4 or 5v5 game. Consequently, it is much easier to field futsal teams during the winter when many players are unavailable due to conflicting commitments, than is the case with winter soccer teams which require more players. Most of the established travel teams also participate in state cup tournaments run by EPYSA (

Spring: Fairmount Soccer recognizes that many players participate in other sports/activities during the spring and winter, and encourages them to do so. At the same time, to play competitive soccer during the fall season, particularly in older age divisions, it is necessary that players maintain some level of soccer training throughout the year. Accordingly, at a minimum, all Travel players, and particularly those who did not participate during the winter, are strongly encouraged to attend at least one training session per week in the spring. In addition, some teams play in a spring league ‚ typically a 7 game season ending in late May or early June. Other teams may only train, while some may train and participate in tournaments, rather than league play. Whatever option is chosen, players are expected to make a good faith effort to attend all games that do not conflict with a player’s primary spring athletic or other extracurricular activity. At our oldest levels, the spring leagues become more important as the fall leagues compete with high school teams for time, and the spring cup tournaments run by EPYSA become the primary competitive goal of the teams.

Cost: Fairmount Soccer is a volunteer organization which strives to provide high quality instruction and guidance that is essential for player development, safety, and enjoyment, at as low a cost as possible. Notwithstanding the commitment to cost containment, running a quality travel program with qualified coaches necessarily incurs considerable expenses for insurance, referee fees, league registration fees, uniforms, coach fees, etc. Recognizing that the registration fees may be prohibitive for some families, Fairmount Soccer offers scholarships in an effort to insure that no child will be excluded due to economic hardship. To request a scholarship, please register online, and indicate that you will mail your payment. Send an email to to request a scholarship. The expected cost for the full 2015-2016 travel soccer season will be $925, which will include the fall season, late fall indoor training, winter indoor and spring seasons.

Fair Share tax-deductible contribution: Fair Share is our way of asking families in a position to do so, to help us sustain and improve our soccer programs. Last year, 30% of our families contributed through Fair Share. We cannot stress enough how important these funds are to our program. In addition to helping fund scholarships, the money we raise through Fair Share is used to fund field maintenance, purchase training equipment, and continue rental of the storage container at Edgely Field. Every dollar you contribute through Fair Share or Sponsorship goes directly to improving our program.

Registration: Prior to registering a player for travel soccer,the Parent Code of Conduct must be reviewed, as you will be required to confirm that you have read and will abide by the Code when you register.