Travel Soccer Pre-Season Prep Camp


Travel Soccer Pre-Season Prep Camp

Head of Travel Coaching, Mario Bono, is also offering 2 one week travel soccer pre-season prep camps on the below dates @ Edgely field from 8:00am to 11:00am.

1) Monday, July 30th to Thursday, August 2nd
2) Monday, August 6th to Thursday, August 9th

* Optional heart rate monitoring equipment is recommended for players looking to take their conditioning to the next level. Please contact Coach Mario for recommended brands and models. An introduction to heart rate monitoring will be given at the beginning of each camp week for anyone interested.

This camp is structured to help our travel players be better prepared for the demands of a high level travel season, ODP tryouts, and/or a competitive high school soccer program. The curriculum for this program will be based on a holistic player development approach.

Below are the key areas of focus:

  1. Physical Component:  Conditioning, strengthening, speed, and agility program that will include fitness testing and strengthening activities. This component will be geared towards performance enhancement and injury prevention
  2. Technical component:  Ball mastery activities that will make players feel more comfortable manipulating the ball in high pressure situations.
  3. Tactical component:  Will allow players to gain a deeper understanding of positional requirement of being a successful soccer player. Tools that will be used to Foster development in this area will include videos, tactical testing, and group discussions.
  4. Mental Component:  An Introduction to Cognitive techniques that are used by top athletes to help gain an advantage over their competition. These Cognitive techniques can help reduce stress, increase focus, awareness, and confidence.


– A player must be able to jog 3 miles daily

– A player must be focused and motivated to improve.

For more details please get in touch with Head of Coaching Mario Bono.

For camp registration check back in June.