Safety and Equipment

The Fairmount Soccer Association is especially cognizant of the potential for injury in soccer due to improper equipment or the wearing of dangerous articles. We whole heartedly support the Law IV, (1)(b) of the FIFA Laws of the Game which states ‚ÄúA player shall not wear anything which is dangerous to another player.” We also support the general interpretation of this rule in youth soccer that a player shall not wear anything which is dangerous to themselves or another player.

Under this rule players are prevented from wearing jewelry, including bracelets and earrings during games, as well as any other dangerous item. In the spirit of this rule Fairmount Soccer has made a few additional regulations for our own players to protect them from injury.

  • Any Fairmount player wearing eyeglasses must have them well secured with a sports band, so they do not fall off during practice or a game.
  • All eyeglass lenses must be made of a shatterproof material.
  • All goalkeepers are required to wear mouthguards during practice and games.
  • All goalkeepers in the Travel Division are required to wear protective equipment to protect their genital area during both practice and games.
  • All Travel Division goalkeepers who wear eyeglasses must wear ‚Äúsport glasses”, which have lenses made of a shatterproof material and frames which resist contact breakage. Goggles are not an acceptable means of protection.