Fairmount Soccer Fall 2017 Intramural Soccer Programs

For more information about how we structure our Intramural programs click here. 

For more information about how our Intramural Academy works click here.

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Where do we play? Most of our programs are on Saturdays at Edgely Field in East Fairmount Park. We also have Saturday sessions in west Philadelphia at 48th and Woodland rec center for kids born 2007-2012. Some programs also have weeknight practices – for the kids that choose programs that meet mid-week for practices (these are optional)- they meet at Taney Park.

When does the season start? All programs start on September 9 and run 10 weeks (toddlers will take off October 7).

What are our programs for fall of 2017?

New this year – ALL Intramural programs will be on Saturdays:

  1. Toddlers (born in 2013-2014) at Edgely Field on Saturdays ($90)
    For our Toddlers at U3 and U4 (Under 3 and Under 4), we have some flexibility** on ages allowed in the group. Our youngest group is U3 boys and girls for kids born in 2014, and meets Saturdays at 10 am. Our U4 group for boys and girls born in 2013 meets at 11 am.                                                                     
  2. Young Falcons (born 2009-2012, $120) we have two different age groups:
    1. 2011-2012 boys and girls play 9-10 am at either Edgely or Woodland
    2. 2009-2010 boys and girls play 10-11 am at either Edgely or Woodland
  3. Junior Soccer League (born 2007-2008, $120) play at either Edgely (1130-1245) or Woodland (11-12)
  4. Intermediate Soccer League for middle school boys and girls, $120 (also if born 2006) play at 930 am at Edgely (with optional Thursday night practices at 6-715pm at Taney Park)
  5. Senior Soccer League for high school boys and girls, $120 play at 11 am at Edgely (with optional Thursday night practices at 715-830pm at Taney Park)
  6. Academy Program* for 2009-2010 boys, $195 play at Edgely 10-1115 am
  7. Academy Program* for 2009-2010 girls, $195 play at Edgely 10-1115 am
    1. *The academy program -click here for more details – is a preparatory program for our travel teams and will practice weeknights twice weekly for 7 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays 530-645 pm at Taney Park, as well as participate in scrimmages and tournaments outside the regular intramural program offerings. Steve Jackson, our Head of Intramural Coaching is the Head Coach for the Intramural Academy program, as well as our U10 boys travel team head coach. We strongly urge players who anticipate playing travel soccer at older ages to play with our academy program for at least a year.

 **Since some kids develop at their own pace, we are flexible with younger or older kids in each of these age groups – you know your child best so feel free to place them in an appropriate age group.

Full and partial scholarships are available. To request a scholarship, please register online, and mark that you will mail in your payment. Send an email to info@fairmountsoccer.org to request a scholarship. No child will be denied a chance a play because of inability to pay!