Intramural Academy Training Program for U8/U9/U10 Boys and Girls

This page describes our Academy program in detail. For specific program dates and a link to registration for the Fall 2018 program, please click here.

The Academy Program is designed for players seeking to develop their full soccer potential and who are considering Travel soccer when they reach the U10 age level. Through the use of professional trainers, small sided competition, and an environment where players are free to be creative, the Academy Program strives to develop individual and team skills that can make the transition to competitive soccer easier. Academy players participate as a separate group within the Intramural Program. Academy Registration will be limited to players with previous soccer training. The Academy program trains twice during the week and once on Saturdays in the fall, and will play in additional tournaments and/or scrimmages with other clubs to get introduced to a competitive environment.

Consistent with Fairmount Soccer’s commitment to creating an environment where players can best develop their soccer potential, the Academy Program seeks to provide the following:

o Maximize the opportunity for individual touches to teach ball control

o An environment where new skills can be tried and experimentation can occur without fear of failure

o Use of 1 v 1 situations where players can develop both attacking and defending skills

o Minimum tactical instruction from coaches and parents

o No pressure to win

o No designated positions that inhibit the development of an all-around player

o A creative, challenging, and fun atmosphere that fosters a love of the game and supports the development of positive values that will benefit participants in whatever they do.


Training: 3 training sessions per week with professional trainers. The boys and girls will train separately.

Travel: Very little.

Team: No skill level separation, players are pooled to allow free movement and varied team formations

Skill Level: No minimum requirement for age eligible players other than a genuine interest in developing soccer skills. In the discretion of the trainers players may play up to another age group. At times, players will be placed in ability based training groups.

Cost: The $200 cost of the program includes our great training program, a uniform for the kids, two festival afternoons of soccer against other clubs. Additionally, the team will enter into Upper Moreland’s Intramural Academy tournament in early November (a small fee may be required for this tournament).

Full and partial scholarships are available. To request a scholarship, please register online, and mark that you will mail in your payment. Send an email to to request a scholarship. No child will be denied a chance a play because of inability to pay!

Fair Share tax-deductible contribution: Fair Share is our way of asking families who can afford it to help us sustain and improve our soccer programs. Last year, 30% of our families supported us through Fair Share. We cannot stress enough how important these funds are to our Program. In addition to helping us fund scholarships, the money we raise through Fair Share helps us expand our use of paid trainers, fund more field maintenance, purchase more goals, continue rental of the storage container, and develop our Website to handle online registration and payment.

Your Registration Fees cover our administrative costs, league fees, insurance, uniforms, and equipment. Although we pay our professional trainers and refs, all other staff and coaches are volunteers. Every dollar you contribute through Fair Share or Sponsorship goes directly to improving our program.